Milan boasts more than 85 museums and many cultural spots where Milanese and visitors of any age can discover the history and the core monuments for the development and growth of the city. Where Milan gives you a highlight of the most useful and user-friendly apps to discover interesting spots, to deepen your knowledge about the history and learn the secrets of Milan from an insider’s point of view.
Here’s our selection:

1. MuseoMilano

MuMi_app_logoBorn from an initiative by Rotary Club Milan Arco della Pace and supported by the patronage of Milan’s Municipality (Comune di Milano), MuseoMilano is more than just an app: it is a scientific document useful to those who wish to deepen their knowledge on Milanese secrets hidden within museums, connected to local monuments and within the history of the city. The app, available both for iOS and Android devices, features the most complete and updated list of Milanese museums and tells visitors where to go and what to see, in a precise and interactive way. Milanese history from stone age up to today’s happenings, an accurate highlight on the most significant characters for the development of the city are among the sections in MuseoMilano, supported by maps of the city powered by Google Maps technology featuring pins on the key landmarks and on the main hotels, as well as useful information on the easiest way to reach the selected location.
Languages: English, Italian
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Visit the official website of MuseoMilano for more landmarks (Italian language only)

2. I Navigli di Leonardo

Navigli_di_leonardo_app_logoNavigli Lombardi, the official Milanese association targeted at the safeguard, value and requalification of the Navigli district has introduced an interactive guide to the treasures and routes skirting the canals that Leonardo da Vinci used, studied and designed. The app, easy to download for Android operating system, also allows visitors to the city and nearby areas to discover new itineraries along the famous Milanese canals and learn more about local traditions and tasty venues.
Languages: English, Italian

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3. Museo Archeologico di Milano

Museo_archeologico_app_logoMilan’s Municipality and Milan’s Archaelogical Museum have introduced a new app working both on iOS and Android devices enabling visitors to discover the Museum and the history of the place in which it is located: the former Monastero Maggiore of the Church of San Maurizio. By downloading the app a guide of the Roman foundations of the museum and a 3D tour of the Roman Towers will appear, as well as of some of the foundings hosted in its spaces. Languages: English, Italian

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 4. Palazzo Marino Kids

Palazzo_Marino_Kids_app_logoPalazzo Marino Kids is a new app released by Milan’s Municipality especially designed to provide children and youngsters with an interactive, child-friendly tour that informs them about the history, people and the rooms of the palace which now houses the Municipality of Milan. Its themed-sections allow youngsters to hear the voices of the characters who have made the history of the city, get to know the names of the membres of the town council and have their role explained, for a captivating cultural discovery.
Languages: English, Italian, French

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